Trump crimes can’t go unpunished

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The Trump crime family (Manny Otiko/YouTube screen capture)

I’ve always had this sneaky feeling that Donald Trump, the most corrupt and incompetent president in American history, will never see any form of punishment for his multiple crimes. America likes to bury its crimes. Most Americans think of their country as the biggest, “bestest” country in the world and refuse to deal with its flaws. The American political system also has a nasty habit of ignoring the crimes of past administrations.

President Richard Nixon never did any time for multiple crimes such as using government agencies to target his enemies and domestic spying. President Ronald Reagan went into a peaceful retirement after the Irangate scandal, where his government sold weapons to an enemy. …

Trump was defeated, but Republicans still elevate deranged candidates

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene began her term by denouncing masks. (Manny Otiko/YouTube screencap)

The worst president in history might have been defeated, but we still have to deal with the GOP, a party that seems to love to elevate the most deranged and ignorant candidates. As I’ve written before, it’s not just Donald Trump that’s the problem. The impeachment process showed that dozens of other GOP legislators were also in the pocket of Russia. And several Republicans support Trump’s quixotic attempt to overturn the election. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo recently talked about a “second Trump term” even as Vice President Joe Biden secured 306 electoral college votes.

Many Republicans don’t “believe” in climate change or the coronavirus. How many more Republicans are going to die because they refuse to “believe” in a disease that’s killed 250,000 Americans in eight months? The latest is Bishop Harry Jackson, a member of Trump’s faith advisory team, who attended super spreader events at the White House, sans mask, even though he was a cancer survivor. He died last week. You would have thought the death of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who attended a Trump rally in Tulsa and flouted mask rules, would have served as a warning. …

Political analyst says Trump’s band of fanatical followers aren’t going away

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A MAGA rally. (Susan Melkisethian/Flickr)

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a veteran political analyst and author of several books on politics. He’s also appeared as a pundit on FOX News and MSNBC. He hosts a radio show on Pacifica. This is my conversation with him on the results of the November election:

Were you surprised at the outcome of the election? Did you think it was going to be a landslide?
No, but I predicted a relatively comfortable win for Biden.

Do you think Trump’s election challenges will be a success? And what is the long-term goal? A CNN report claimed some Republican legislators say they don’t believe the challenges are valid, but they can’t say that publicly.
He has zero chance. …

Trump made America worse

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Members of the Boogaloo anti-government movement (Anthony Crider/Flickr)

So, the tortuous presidency of Donald Trump is finally over. And as a Black, immigrant journalist, I’m one of millions of people letting out a long sigh of relief. For me, the Trump presidency has been four years of assault and psychological abuse. Life was hell for anyone who wasn’t a White Anglo-Saxon Male.

Sure, Trump may have had his allies among white women, most of them voted for him again, and a minority of selfish, deluded black men. But that only shows that there’ll always be people who vote against their interests and, in the case of Black Trump supporters, sell their own people out. As I have said before, some Jews not only fought for Hitler, but they worked alongside the Nazis to round up their own people. …

Too many Americans suffer from ‘limited cognition’

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Americans line up to vote. (YouTube screencap/Manny Otiko)

So, it’s Wednesday morning and the presidential election is still not settled. This result was not unexpected. The increase in mail-in voting, because of COVID-19, means that it will take days to tally all the votes. But some of the early findings offer some alarming views of America. President Donald Trump cronies Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell both won reelection and the Republicans look like they will retain the Senate. Here are some other observations:

Americans are okay with Trump’s racism, corruption

Trump went into the election having bungled the coronavirus outbreak. That cost almost 250,000 people their lives. He’s also a serial liar who’s told more than 20,000 whoppers, is billions of dollars in debt, and his White House is a scandal factory. …

Trump was a corrupt, wannabe dictator, yet millions voted for him again

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Photo by Tim Pierce/Flickr

America is still basking in the glow of the post-Trump era. Less than a week ago, Americans were dancing in the streets at the thought of President-elect Joe Biden, a commander-in-chief who was going to do normal things like speak in complete sentences and not treat the political process like the WWE. But once these happy feelings wear off, America needs to have a post mortem and ask, “What the hell just happened?” We dodged a bullet. Trump could have easily been reelected. Apparently, 70 million Americans thought another Trump term was a good idea. …

Texas bus attack is evidence of third world politics in America

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An SUV damaged by Trump supporters in Texas. (Twitter screenshot/Manny Otiko)

I got my Biden-Harris sticker in the mail a few days ago, and I was going to place it proudly on my bumper, until a friend warned me against it. She implied that it might be wise not to display your political affiliation with tensions so high. On the same day, I saw a convoy of Trump supporters in oversized trucks parading up and down my street. It was a clear act of implied intimidation.

I felt much better about my decision after watching a video of Trump supporters terrorizing a Biden bus on its way to a rally in Austin, Texas. The MAGA cultists surrounded the truck, brandished weapons and followed it out of town. …

Former Evangelical says Trumpism, Christianity aren’t compatible

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Frank Schaeffer (Jim Forest/Flickr)

Frank Schaeffer was once a rising star in the Evangelical movement. Along with his father, he was a driving force behind the growth of Evangelical Christians as a political force and once promoted culture war issues, such as abortion rights. He was expected to “inherit,” his father’s crown. But he walked away from the movement more than 30 years ago and now calls himself a “Christian atheist.” He’s become increasingly critical of Christian fundamentalists and their alliance with the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. This is my interview with him.

Otiko: You walked away from both the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement. How would you describe your religious beliefs now? …

Hutchinson: Blacks Failing to Vote is ‘Almost Criminal’

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson (YouTube screencap/Manny Otiko)

California-based Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a veteran observer of state and national politics. He has written several books about policy and national politics. He also hosts a radio show on KPFK. Hutchinson has worked as a commentator for FOX News and MSNBC. I talked to him about Ice Cube, President Donald Trump and the importance of voting.

Otiko: How do you think the November elections will turn out? Will Trump win again? Or will Joe Biden pull it off?

Hutchinson: It will be a real horse race to the finish line. The key to a Biden or Trump win is turning out their base in the seven states that will decide the White House — North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Arizona. For Biden, that means a massive turnout of young, suburban middle-class, college-educated women, Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT and young Asian voters. For Trump that means a massive turnout of older whites, less educated white blue-collar and rural voters, and conservative evangelicals. Whoever’s base in those states show up in big numbers will be the winner. Only because there are more numbers in Biden and the Democrat’s base than Trumps, if the turnout for him is there he will edge Trump at the finish line. …

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Rick Kinchen

Mint Condition is a top R&B band that broke on the scene in the 1990s. The Minneapolis group has snagged both Grammy and Soul Train awards and toured with Prince. Lead singer Rick Kinchen recently announced a new solo project, “Truth Behind The Lies,” influenced by recent social events. This is my interview with him.

Otiko: Are you taking a break from Mint Condition? Is the band still active?

Kinchen: It was time for the lead singer to do his solo project and so I was put in a situation where I had to grow something else. I had put so much time into growing Mint Condition, from getting a distribution deal and management which then led to getting a booking agent. I had co-written and produced half of four of the last five albums as well as taken all the photographs since 2004. …


Manny Otiko

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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