As a Black, Immigrant Journalist, Trump Presidency Was Four Years of Torture!

Trump made America worse

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So, the tortuous presidency of Donald Trump is finally over. And as a Black, immigrant journalist, I’m one of millions of people letting out a long sigh of relief. For me, the Trump presidency has been four years of assault and psychological abuse. Life was hell for anyone who wasn’t a White Anglo-Saxon Male.

Sure, Trump may have had his allies among white women, most of them voted for him again, and a minority of selfish, deluded black men. But that only shows that there’ll always be people who vote against their interests and, in the case of Black Trump supporters, sell their own people out. As I have said before, some Jews not only fought for Hitler, but they worked alongside the Nazis to round up their own people. Yes, Ice Cube, I’m referring to you.

Here are my other observations about the end of the Trump era:

Not ready to make nice

As a political observer, I realize that eventually, we have to reconcile with Trump supporters. President-elect Joe Biden said we shouldn’t see Americans who disagree with our views as our enemies. And he’s right, but I’m not ready to make nice yet. I’ll eventually get over it, but I still have a simmering rage and disbelief at the people who not only voted for Trump but approved of his policies.

These people were okay with Trump egging on police violence, backing domestic terrorists, championing his supporters when they beat up protesters at his rallies and concentration camps on the border. I brought up this subject in an interview with a Black Trump supporter a few years ago. I questioned her about a Black woman who was roughed up at a Trump rally. Her response was, “What did she expect going to a place like that?” That’s almost as bad as saying a woman deserves to be raped for wearing a short skirt!

Naturally, Trump, a reality TV star and fake businessman, failed in the world’s most complex job. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was aggressively ignorant, never read his briefings and had no sense of history. And it was his first time in government. It was a disaster. He made America worse.

But about 60 million Americans still voted for him. Trump could have won a second term because, for all his flaws, many Americans were okay with his presidency. I guess many people are willing to ignore the suffering of others, as long as they get their tax cuts or trip to the White House.

Appealing to America’s worst elements

However, many Trump supporters voted for him again because they approved of his open racism and religious bigotry. Calling Trump a racist and bigot is not opinion; those are facts. Hate crimes shot up under Trump, he tried to implement the ridiculous Muslim ban and several worked in the White House. And he called African countries “sh*tholes.”

But this problem is not just with Trump, it’s also the Republican Party. White nationalism has become a feature of the GOP’s platform. It’s always lurked in the background, but in the Trump era, it’s out in the open. The gloves and masks are off. That speaks to a bigger issue in a country that has a growing non-white population clamoring for more political representation.

Trump Made America Worse

Naturally, Trump, a reality TV star and fake businessman, failed in the world’s most complex job. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was aggressively ignorant, never read his briefings and had no sense of history. And it was his first time in government. It was a disaster. He made America worse.

Tourism dropped under Trump, according to His tough immigration policies also stopped bright minds from Africa and Asia immigrating to America. Why come to a land that advertised white nationalism and made it difficult for non-whites to get visas? Those people started looking at Britain, Canada or Australia. Or they stayed home and developed their local economies.

But it just wasn’t losing intellectual talent. America’s image also suffered under Trump. A showed that global confidence in the United States dropped under Trump. And that damage is lasting, our European allies say they no longer trust U.S. politics. Sure, Democrats are back in power, but what if they lose in four years and the GOP appoints another Christo-Fascist white nationalist?

Trump supporters will point to the pre-COVID economy, but that was already beginning to slow down. Plus, Trump was riding the coattails of the economic gains made under President Barack Obama. “President Donald Trump claims credit for the strong economy, saying that he inherited a ‘disaster’ from President Barack Obama and that he ‘accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions.’ However, the truth is that by the time he became president, the economy largely had recovered from the Great Recession and was nearing full strength,” according to the report.

Obama inherited an economic nightmare left by the George W. Bush administration, turned it around and Trump screwed it up. Now Biden has to clean up Trump’s mess. America seems to be trapped in this vicious political cycle.

Endangering journalists

I hit a triple whammy with Trump, I’m Black, an immigrant and a journalist. And I saw the effect Trumpism had when I attended a Trump rally in Temecula, Calif., four years ago. Temecula has many military retirees and homeowners who fled the San Diego real estate market, so it tends to lean right. A few days ago, a threatened a voting center. The city has also seen anti-Muslim rallies and residents once staged a protest to block a bus carrying migrant children.

When I attended the rally, I didn’t pull out my notepad and even held up a Trump sign to blend in. Orly Taitz, the infamous birther, spoke at the rally, and there was a palpable feeling of menace towards reporters when she led the crowd in a round of boos targeted at the media. Things have only gotten worse during the Trump presidency. Trump saw journalists as the enemy, maybe because they were truthtellers and eventually began to call out his BS.

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The author undercover at a Trump rally in 2016 (Manny Otiko)

Being an independent journalist in California, I was relatively safe. But it was much worse for high-profile national reporters such as CNN’s Brian Stelter and American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan. In his recent book, “Hoax,” Stelter said company policy now requires him to attend Trump rallies with security. Ryan also said she had to hire security. This is ridiculous in a developed country!

And Trumpists are still hostile to the media and blame them for his loss.

“Do you think I care what the media says?” said Cathy Graham, a Trump supporter, according to “Anybody can win if they cheat and steal. Any of the media can say what they want. And we’re here until the results are overturned and the real results are known.”

Psychological abuse

The entire country has been subjected to four years of psychological abuse. Journalists had it particularly bad because they were on the frontline of the president’s torrent of lies. I had to familiarize myself with the term “gaslighting,” which was a key component of Trump’s communication style.

His rallies and press conferences were tortuous experiences, at least to non-Trump cultists. Trying to decipher his tortured syntax, slurred words and barrage of untruths became an act of endurance. I stopped watching his COVID press conferences because my psyche couldn’t take it. The networks eventually followed. And CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale finally gave up his Herculean task. He realized the impossibility of trying to make sense of Trump’s deluge of lies.

Trump supporters also suffered psychological abuse, even though they don’t know it. They’re in a cult and are being exploited. Attending MAGA rallies is dangerous to their physical health. How many will get sick and die because they still can’t see the danger of COVID-19, even after it’s killed close to 250,000 Americans! They’ve been lied to so much, they’re incapable of telling the truth anymore. At this stage, I don’t sympathize with anti-maskers who contract the disease. Herman Cain should have served as an example.

But the Trump presidency is finally over. I don’t think he’ll get elected again. In four years, he’ll be 78 and in worse shape than he is now — if he’s still alive. Plus, he’s going to spend the next few years fighting off creditors, criminal charges, and lawsuits. who mysteriously fronted Trump millions says they’re going to go after his assets. Trump is believed to be more $1 billion in debt. Plus, Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs/mobsters are unhappy with the lack of return on their investment.

As Morgan Freeman said to the accountant, who wanted to reveal Bruce Wayne’s secret identity, “Good luck.”

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Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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