Black Trump Voters Bought Into the Image, Not The Man

African-American MAGA fans ignore Trump’s incompetence, racism

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Photo by Johnny Silvercloud
Black Trump voter: I still support the President

But Grant’s points are troubling in another way. His view of Trump seems to be, as long as he’s putting money in my pocket, I don’t care what he does. That is callous at best, and at worst sociopathic. Trump is doing real damage to the country. He’s egged on hateful speech so now Asians are reporting increased hate crimes, he’s encouraged domestic terrorists so now a black Michigan lawmaker needed an armed escort to go to work, and his bumbling behavior has reduced America’s image in the world.

Black voters on Trump’s impact and divisions in the U.S.

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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