Christian Artist Shares Her Message Through Music, Book

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Ta Mi Ko

Christian recording artist Ta Mi Ko is a California native who has also lived in Germany and France. She’s also an author. Her book, “The Word: There Is No Other Way,” describes her story and the series of life-changing events that happened to her.

Here is my interview with Ta Mi Ko.

Otiko: Why Christian/gospel music and not secular music?
Ta Mi Ko: Father asked me to spread the Word. I was then led to writing poetry that HE put music to.

Otiko: Isn’t secular music more profitable?
Ta Mi Ko: I never looked at my music that way. My music is guided by Father. Regardless of your reward here on earth, there is no comparison to the reward in heaven for following Father’s message.

Otiko: Who is your favorite artist and how have they influenced you?Ta Mi Ko: I cannot say I have a favorite artist. I enjoy a wide variety of music. I enjoy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Harvey Fuqua, Wilson Pickett, and 2 Pac…. I am very lucky, Father directs my moves.

Otiko: What is your favorite album or song?
Ta Mi Ko: Lol…. just to point out a few goodies. I enjoy a wide variety of music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “Sonata №10 in C Major, K 330,” Harvey Fuqua “I Knew From The Start,” Wilson Pickett “I Found A Love” and 2 Pac “Changes” and “Ghetto Gospel.”

Otiko: Where do you get your inspiration?
Ta Mi Ko: Father directs me

Otiko: How would you describe your music?
Ta Mi Ko: My music or let me be more specific, my Father’s words with me as the instrument is based on experiences in life that WE all perpetrate and deal with on a daily bases with one another.

Otiko: How has Christian/gospel music changed in recent years?|
Ta Mi Ko: It has become more mainstream

Otiko: What do you like the most about Christian/gospel music?
Ta Mi Ko: I like that Gospel music sings the praises of The Lord Our Father. My music is faith-based. However, I don’t want my music to be categorized. I’m passing the message of Our Father. The Maestro Father is at work. HE had me write poetry that He put music to. Rhymes would pop up into my mind, rhythms followed soon behind. Once people listen to my music they will see it’s more than your everyday gospel music. The Almighty is directing me. Amen!

For more about Ta Mi Ko’s music go to YouTube channel. Follow her on Facebook at TamikoMessenger, Instagram @tamikomessenger and Twitter @TaMiKoMessenger.

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Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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