Comedian Does Media’s Heavy Lifting With Trump Expose

Noel Casler’s Revelations Confirm Media Was Criminally Negligent in 2016

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Donald Trump in “The Apprentice.” (WalkingGeek)
Donald Trump Scandal Exposed by Noel Casler in Standup at the Happy Endings Comedy Show

The press should have continued looking into Trump’s history of sexual assault. Why are we just finding out about the porn stars, the payoffs, the catch-and-kill deal with National Enquirer, the alleged rape of a child, and the Epstein relationship? This is a colossal failure on the media’s part! And they’re still doing it with the fake Tara Read story.

President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: the complete list

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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