Follow Swan, Wallace; Fact Check Everything Trump Says

Media must hold Trump accountable for misinformation

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President Donald Trump gets fact-checked by Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. (Screencap)

Some Americans still believe Trump

Unfortunately, a lot of this garbage sank into the media ecosystem and continues to bubble up. Trump’s election only reinforced the fact that too many Americans don’t have any critical thinking skills. Even though Trump has told 20,000 lies, a large chunk of the American public still thinks he’s a credible source of information.

Trump’s Fox News interview, in 4 minutes

Press remembers its mission

However, the press seems to have finally rediscovered its mission and have started fact-checking and pressing Trump on his lie-ridden outbursts. Trump is a pathological liar, and, as a conman, he’s made lying part of his business regimen. In her recent book, his niece, Mary Trump, claims he lies to everyone, business associates, MAGA cultists, even family members, sometimes over minutiae. She suggests he enjoys deceiving people.

Trump crumbles under fact-checking

It was also witnessed with Trump’s recent interview with Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday.” He was caught in a lie that claimed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to defund the police. (He actually wants to give them more money.) Wallace also caught the president lying about the rate of COVID-19 testing in the United States and the infection rate among young children among other issues.

Trump says on #AxiosOnHBO that he didn’t bring up Russian bounty scheme on Putin call

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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