Kanye’s An Idiot. The GOP Found Him Useful

Rapper’s ‘presidential campaign’ is stealth plan to draw away black voters

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When rapper Kanye West announced he planned to run for president, with half the campaign done, I thought it was just another publicity stunt from the emotionally-volatile performer. (West suffers from bipolar disorder and has often made headlines for his bizarre behavior.) But since this is the Trump-era, the real reason is much worse.

Kanye’s so-called presidential campaign, which coincides with his album release, has been a disaster. He showed up at one event with 2020 shaved into the back of his head, cried on stage and then claimed legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman only freed the slaves “so they could work for other white people.” Attendees were caught on camera mocking him as they walked out. He’s also missed the deadline to get on the ballot in several states.

Kanye’s running for President but has never voted

This is vintage West. He’s notoriously volatile and aggressively ignorant. On many occasions, his thoughts are non-linear. A few years ago, he earned the ire of the Black community when he claimed slavery was a choice. Although he’s running for president, he’s never voted and once bragged about never reading books. In a July 8 Forbes interview, he claimed that he was running under “The Birthday Party’’ and said he wanted to run the government like Wakanda, the fictional African country from the “Black Panther” comics and movies.

West also refuses to take medication and fired his management team a few years ago, claiming he can’t be managed. However, this latest stunt is straining his marriage to reality maven Kim Kardashian, who initially backed his “presidential” run. Now she’s trying to patch up their marriage but has admitted she’s at the end of her rope.

And if you needed further proof that Kanye 2020 is a stealth Trump operation, West admitted it in an Aug. 6 Forbes interview. When asked if his campaign was an attempt to disrupt Joe Biden’s efforts, West said: “I’m not denying it; I just told you.”

Kanye 2020 is a GOP operation

However, this campaign is not just a poorly-executed publicity stunt, there’s ample evidence that West is being used by the Trump campaign to draw away Black voters. At least six Republican operatives are on West’s team. The Trump campaign also employs Kanye 2020 lawyer Lane Ruhland. This little fact registered a legal complaint.

“A government watchdog group on Friday filed a complaint against Lane Ruhland with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) alleging the attorney has been violating ethics and conflict of interest obligations by working for both the presidential campaigns of both Kanye West and Donald Trump,” according to an Aug. 7 Law & Crime article.

And if you needed further proof that Kanye 2020 is a stealth Trump operation, West admitted it in an Aug. 6 Forbes interview.

When asked if his campaign was an attempt to disrupt Joe Biden’s efforts, West said: “I’m not denying it; I just told you.”

Of course, Trump denied he was behind West’s campaign, but what do you expect from a pathological liar who’s already told 20,000 falsehoods?

Kanye the ringer

This wouldn’t be the first time the GOP has pulled something like this. In 2004, GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone worked on Rev. Al Sharpton’s campaign, even though he ran as a Democrat. Also, perennial presidential candidate Jill Stein was backed by Russian bots in 2016. She’s never won a presidential race during her career, but she damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign. People on the far-left, such as writer Christopher Hedges, supported Stein as a protest vote.

It seems Republicans want to do the same thing with West’s campaign. They want to convince Black people Biden is a racist and they’d be better off voting for an ignorant, emotionally-unstable rapper who’s never participated in the electoral process. Unfortunately, a few clueless entertainers, such as Chance the Rapper and Black nationalist/conspiracy theorist Nick Cannon, have already sided with West.

However, there are two main troubling issues with the West campaign. By supporting West, the GOP shows it’s both clueless and cynical. Most of West’s audience is young people, who are apathetic about politics. Also, many of them previously wrote West off after his initial comment about slavery being a choice. Most Black voters are older people who aren’t going to make electoral choices based on a discredited rapper’s views.

Also, the decision to use West shows a certain callousness. GOP operatives are encouraging an unstable man to embarrass himself just to further their cause. There’s no concern for his state of mind or the strain it’s putting on his marriage. This is ironic because both West and his wife have ties to Trump. That didn’t stop him from exploiting them. However, Trump has a habit of discarding and trashing allies when he doesn’t need them anymore.

Right-wingers hated Kanye, until they loved him

But in the bizarro world of 2020, West is drawing support from right-wingers who used to hated him when he was trashing President George W. Bush and upstaging Taylor Swift at award ceremonies.

FOX News neo-Nazi Tucker Carlson has suddenly become a Kanye fan. He recently claimed Democrats were afraid of West because of his anti-abortion stance.

“These people are actually worried, but they’re not worried about Kanye West or his family, they don’t care about them,” said Carlson. “They’re worried about the threat that West poses to Democratic party orthodoxy and therefore to their power. They don’t say that out loud, they’re liars, so instead they continue to play the role of psychiatric nurse.”

That statement is almost as ridiculous as Kanye’s fake presidential run. It should be discarded, along with the Kanye 2020 campaign.

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Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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