Richard Spencer, Alt-Right Goons Want to Create All-White Ethnostate, So Where Does that Leave Black Americans?

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Richard Spencer (YouTube)

By Manny Otiko

According to the Atlantic, former Daily Caller editor Scott Greer also worked for an alt-right publication. And a few weeks ago, Ian Smith, a man named after the leader of the white nationalist state of Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe,) was fired by the Department of Homeland Security. White supremacists are popping up in the current administration faster than Trump mistresses who were paid off by Michael Cohen!

It’s pretty clear that the Trump administration has a white supremacist agenda. Former and current White House staffers Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka all have white nationalist ties and Trump himself has a long history of making racist comments. According to Bob Woodward’s latest book “Fear,” Trump said that one of his greatest regrets was being persuaded to condemn the Charlottesville terrorist attack. So Trump wanted to say nothing about an American being killed by a neo-Nazi!

Before Trump got into the White House, one of my biggest fears was a racist being head of the government. As president, you get to set policy which affects everyone. And now we have a racist in the White House, who has appointed other racists in his administration, we are seeing the effect of that.

The policies of the Trump administration reflect its white nationalist agenda. They are designed to reduce the number of non whites and try to maintain the country’s white majority. FOX News’ Laura Ingraham recently echoed this sentiment when she complained that immigration has changed the country.

Apart from creating internment camps for Latinos, which are designed to prevent migration, the government is also implementing policies to strip mainly Latinos of their citizenship. The government is currently denying citizenship to some Latinos who were born along the border because of a scandal a few years back where some nurses faked birth records of children who were actually born in Mexico. They are also going as far to rescind citizenship to Americans who already have passports, which is leaving several people, including former servicemen, stranded at the border.

This is a form of legalized ethnic cleansing. These policies are designed to target Latinos, but white nationalists also hate black people. In a 2016 Mother Jones article, Richard Spencer, the telegenic face of the alt-right, laid out the movement’s long-term goal. Spencer would like America to become a white ethnostate, where anyone who looks too dark is deported. (Spencer is also a college buddy of Stephen Miller, the brainchild behind the Trump’s administration’s child separation policy and internment camps.)

Alex Oberg wrote: “Spencer knows that a white ethnostate is at most a distant dream, but his more immediate desire is to shift the bounds of accepted political discourse. He hopes America’s nonwhites can be made to agree that returning to the lands of their ancestors would be best for everyone: ‘It’s like presenting to an African that this hasn’t worked out,’ he says. ‘We haven’t made each other happier. We are going to have to take part in this paradigmatic shift together.’”

The idea of a white ethnostate sounds disgusting and ridiculous, but during the Trump administration, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

However, most Black Americans have been American citizens since the country’s birth. So how would Spencer and his ilk rid the country of long-term citizens? Mass deportation of Black Americans doesn’t seem feasible, because they have loose ties to Africa and what country would take them?

Which leads to an even more disturbing conclusion. Since the alt-right can’t deport African Americans en mass, the only other solution is mass incarceration. The criminal justice system is modern-day slavery. As pointed in Ava DuVernay’s documentary “13th,” slavery never went away. The 13th amendment still allows for slavery, if you committed a crime.

So is it any wonder that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a neo-confederate Southerner, wants to restart the disastrous War on Drugs? Private prison companies are salivating at having a new supply of inmates they can exploit and pay slave wages.

Be afraid. We live in strange times.

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Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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